A Spring Walk Through Daffodil Hill

Posted on April 06, 2012

The arrival of Spring in Litchfield is marked by our family trip to Laurel Ridge Narcissi Planting, aka "Daffodil Hill".  Our boys love walking through the tens of thousands of daffodils planted here by Remy and Virginia Morosani more the 50 years ago.  As the story goes, during the slow times on the farm in 50's and 60's, they would have the bulbs planted,  separated and replanted.  Daffodil Hill is situated on the Morosani estate, across from Laurel Ridge Farm (who raise the best grass-fed cattle around). During the months of April and May, they generously open up their property to visitors to view the daffodils in full bloom.

The weather in Litchfield in early spring in generally mild with occasional rain showers.  This is a perfect time to dust-off our Barbour waxed cotton jackets, Made in Great Britain.  As one of the first independent retailers in the United States to carry Barbour, R. Derwin Clothiers stocks one of the most complete collections in the country.  Our youngest son (2-1/2) is very excited this year, as he is finally big enough to get his very own Barbour motorcycle jacket, immortalized by the late Steve McQueen.

The Barbour motorcycle jacket is a direct descendant of the British submarine suit.  The "International" jacket was used by British motorcycle trials teams since the 1930's, and was most famously worn by Steve McQueen while competing in the 1964 International Six Day Trials.  When Barbour began moving from a purely country coat to a women's fashion jacket, they chose the International jacket as centerpiece of this transition.  Pictured above is my wife in the denim blue Vintage International Waxed Jacket with Union Jack lining and a pair of black Barbour Ladies Biker Wellingtons.

My oldest son is pictured above wearing the Classic Barbour Bedale riding coat and navy Children's Classic Wellington.

My youngest son and myself are pictured above in the International Motorcycle  Jackets.  My youngest has the Original Black International and I am wearing the limited edition Steve McQueen Washington Jacket in sandstone with stars & stripes lining.


See you at Daffodil Hill!!!

 All photography provided by Michael Wilson.

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