What’s new at R. Derwin Clothiers?

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R. Derwin Clothiers Men’s and Ladies stores are back together again. Yay!

R. Derwin has been a mainstay on pretty West Street, looking on to the Litchfield green, since the 80s. The two departments, men’s (upstairs) and women’s (downstairs) started together under one roof at 43 West Street and eventually gained in size and needed to move a few doors away from each other. Throw in a few more moves after that, all on West Street, until we reach today when the two stores are back together again. Awww. We went along to the grand opening to see the Ladies store in its shiny new digs…right next door to those lovely Men!

We love the stairs leading up to the bright pink doors into the light and airy store. Let the perusing of beautiful clothing begin! If you know Derwin’s, you know the store is filled with classic-with-a-twist clothing, made from the most luxurious and purest of fabrics. The new location has all the customer favorites and Derwin standards, with more modern styles added. R. Derwin Clothiers dresses many generations of classy ladies! Moms, daughters, and grandmothers can all find styles that are effortless, chic, and timeless.